Holy Veganism!!

Veganism is not an easy practice to follow and it requires a lot of dedication and devotion. Numerous Vegans use spirituality as a means for acquiring devotion. Many Vegans claim that they are spiritual or religious.[1]  Spirituality involves the reformation of one’s mind and it assists in bringing inner peace and positivity to one’s mindset. Stress-relief is one of many health benefits that spirituality provides. {2}  It can be religious but one  must remember that Spirituality and Religion have different meanings.{3] Culliford explains this concept in-depth.{4]

Religion acts a guide for seeking Spirituality. {3] One has to keep in mind that the various religious faiths allow their followers to choose the manner in which they embrace their life.

Faiths like Buddhism {5] and Hinduism {6] highlight the fact that ‘one should not harm animals or any other living being.’ In fact, followers should be kind to animals as well as living beings. Religious scriptures, religious festivals and holy books, religious holidays, days of worship and prayer sessions as well as meditation sessions serve the purpose of gaining spiritual peace. Navratri,  which is a nine-day vegetarian-only festival, is an example of such a religious festival. Ahimsa, which means non-violence, which is brought to light by many faiths and is based on Karma, states that ‘whatever we sow, we will reap.’[1] All these factors can be and are taken into consideration while embracing Veganism.

With growing social media awareness about how the dairy business aids animal cruelty, a lot of religious disciples seem to be adopting Veganism, although many still consume  dairy products. the social media awareness about animal cruelty adds an extension to the disciples belief’s and values and they tend to be more loyal towards their religion. Their perspective on Veganism as a whole, broadens, and they acquire knowledge. Hence, they embrace Veganism.







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