Sydney’s first vegan pub bistro ‘The Green Lion’ will have you roaring!

Vegan’s everywhere will be happy to hear of Sydney’s first completely vegan pub bistro menu, located at The Red Lion Hotel, Rozelle.

The Green Lion Bistro’s menu boasts traditional pub classics such pizza, burgers, hot dogs and mac & cheese. All of these menu items contain no animal products, with beefless patties, fishless filets, and even a vegan beer and wine menu.

The dining experience at The Green Lion Bistro proves the favourite Australian pass time of enjoying a burger and beer at the pub can be done in a completely cruelty-free way.

Co-founder of The Green Lion Bistro Sacha Joannou said: “I didn’t want to do food that I didn’t want to eat myself, it’s all vegan but were doing classic pub food”.

The winner of the 2016 series of MasterChef Australia, Elena Duggan said: “The idea of an entirely vegan pub excites me on a number of levels. I love that chefs, cooks, restaurants, bistros, pubs are seeing all lifestyle choices need to be catered for and are viewing it as a positive and creative challenge, rather than a burden and throwing up stubborn walls alienating diners that may or may not have the option to eat a certain way.”

“I have no doubt it will be a success, and I feel like Sydney was screaming out for an option like this” Duggan added.

The appetite for cruelty-free dining in Sydney is exploding, with findings from Roy Morgan Research  revealing between 2012 and 2016, the number of Australian adults whose diet is all or almost all vegetarian has risen from 1.7 million people to almost 2.1 million people. The findings also reveal the shift towards vegetarianism has been most striking in New South Wales, where there has been a 30% growth in this kind of diet.



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